Appearance Matters

Imagine you are boarding an airplane and an announcement is made. The gate agent says that at the end of the jet-way, you can choose one of two planes to board. You walk down the ramp, and at the door to each of these planes stands a pilot.

One is dressed in his navy blue uniform and hat holding a rolling briefcase with stickers declaring his many travels. The other is wearing cut-off jean shorts, a concert shirt with a hole in it, and flip-flops.

Which plane would you board?

Say what you will about how you don’t judge and all that, but I will tell you that if I were to make a split-second decision like that, I would choose the pilot that looked like he was prepared for the job. Don’t get me wrong. The guy in shorts may actually have more experience and training, but I didn’t get to see all his credentials, all I got to see was how he looked.

Often times people don’t have a chance to learn all of our story, all they can see is the way we chose to present ourselves. Appearance does matter, whether we like it or not.

Getting “ready” by taking a few extra minutes for hair and makeup makes me look more put together for others, which is good. But the best part for me is the added confidence boost. Looking my best helps me feel my best & positively impacts my day as an employee, a wife, and a mom.

You are worth it. Give yourself a few extra minutes each morning. It can set you up for a wonderful day.

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